The 6 Angles of Wristlocks

The 6 Angles of Wristlocks

Many people when starting off wristlocks don't truly understand the mechanics of the technique. When you can recognize how the wrist is supposed to and not supposed to bend, wristlocks become simple. There are 6 fundamental angles for a wristlock. (7 for all those traditional Wristlockers that likes to manipulate small joints aka finger locks)


Gooseneck - wrists bending forward.



Cow Hand - wrists bending backwards


Z-Lock - A gooseneck wristlock with the elbow and hand parallel with the floor. Rotating the wrist forwards towards their head.


C-Lock - There are commonly 2 versions of the C-Lock:

Variation 1 - Cow Hand wristlock with the elbow and hand parallel to the floor. Rotating the wrist/ fingers downwards towards their chest. 

Variation 2 -  Vertical Cow Hand wristlock with the elbow facing the ceiling, the hand  rotated inwards, pointing their fingers towards their ribs with the palm facing downwards.


Outside Wrist Twist/ Kotegaeshi - Bending their wrist towards the shoulder that is the same side as the wrist.


Ankle Lock Wristlock/ The Sword Wristlock - A sideways gooseneck wristlock that hyperextends the wrist towards the thumb direction.


*BONUS* Finger Locks - I think you get the point. This is definitely prison rules.

Finger Joint Lock


I hope this helps everybody out there reading this with their wristlock game.

- The Wristlockers

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